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Back Massage

A Holistic Approach to Protecting Back Health in St. John’s



Our back care program, known as body balancing, is a uniquely designed, alternative and complementary intervention program. It is effectively used as a preventive, rehabilitative and supportive therapy.


This hands-on program offers an in-depth assessment of musculoskeletal balance and, when indicated, traditional assessment of wellness. Treatment may incorporate a personalized exercise prescription, precisely for the individual’s musculoskeletal configuration.


Back health is affected by many factors of environment, lifestyle, diet and exercise as well as specific musculoskeletal issues. This is why Back To Health offers a holistic therapeutic approach to protecting and promoting back health. Depending on a patient’s requirement, Back To Health also provides other therapies such as: tui na, acupuncture, acupressure, nutritional support and stress management.


This program avails of a multidisciplinary referral network and has proven helpful in medico-legal situations.

Health Bridges

The Original Back Pain & Posture Correction solution
3 Easy Steps
Designed & Developed in Newfoundland, Canada

Health Bridge Instructions


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