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Find Homeopathy’s Natural Healing at Back To Health in St. John’s



As the basis for a system of medicine, homeopathy goes back as far as Hippocrates (460 – 350 BC). Hippocrates wrote that medical treatment should focus on “removing the impediments to people getting better.” He proposed that the symptoms of diseases are the expression of nature healing the human body and the underlying causes of disease.


In the 19th century, German physician Samuel Hahnemann found he could stimulate remarkable healing by prescribing medicines in a more holistic way. By establishing the scientific foundations for this natural medical treatment, Hahnemann revived homoeopathy as a system of medicine.


Homeopathic prescribing is based not only on the patient’s main complaint, but each remedy or prescription takes into account other physical, mental and emotional symptoms as well. Side effects are entirely absent and curative action is most profound when the doses are extremely small. It is small dosage that makes it possible to use homeopathic medicines safely alongside conventional medical drugs especially when further medication is not tolerable for the patient.


Homeopathy has evolved over the last 200 years in several countries. Unlike conventional medicine, homeopathic knowledge does not become obsolete but rather keeps accumulating. With the abundance of drugs and their side effects in medical care today, homeopathy has emerged as an effective and safe complementary method for the use of medicinal substances.


Contact Back To Health to book an appointment. We are happy to provide a holistic health assessment and discuss how homeopathic healing can benefit you.

Naturopath Services

  • Initial Visit

    • $125.00

  • Follow-Up (Subsequent Visit)

    • $85.00

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